Attractive colour shades: Ritma and Melito

What do the pink Anthurium pot plant Melito® and the red Anthurium pot plant Ritma® have in common? They feature tonal colours between the spadix and the bracts. Ritma Ritma is red with a dark red spadix, featuring a tonal colour scheme that is new in the range. The subtle colour combination of the red flower with the dark red spadix makes Ritma a really attractive plant. Although not widely available, this Anthurium pot plant may certainly be seen. The flower colour is long-lasting and some of the flowers tower above the beautiful glossy foliage. Ritma easily produces new flowers, ensuring a richly flowering plant with high ornamental value and a long shelf life.

Melito Melito has a sweet pink colour and the spadix is a lighter shade of that same pink. This lovely pink colour is the distinguishing feature of this pot Anthurium. The colour is so strong that the variety retains its colour well under extremely warm growing conditions. It is an absolute eye-catcher that retains its colour for a long time and can withstand a longer period of cooled transport. A plant with a charming and sweet appearance and excellent leaf quality that promises a bright future.

Pot size Both varieties can be grown in 14 cm and 17 cm pots. Melito can also be grown in 12 cm pots. The growth rate of both varieties is quite fast and the cold tolerance of 7°C is also pretty good. Both varieties are a very welcome addition to the assortment. For more information on the variety and cultivation of Ritma and Melito, please visit