Further specialization in Anthuriums and Orchids

As of 1 September, the position of Sales Manager has been split into Anthuriums and orchids. This allows us to strengthen our specialization in Anthuriums and orchids within our sales team. Gert Hoogendoorn and Richard Smit have taken up the challenge as Sales Manager for Orchids and Sales Manager for Anthuriums respectively. We are confident that with these two colleagues, the knowledge and skills acquired will be retained, the teams will be even stronger, and we will be able to achieve our joint ambitions. Gert and Richard are familiar faces at Anthura. Gert started at Anthura as a junior after graduating from the HAS University of Applied Sciences almost 10 years ago. While working, he obtained his Master in Business Administration and is now an experienced Phalaenopsis specialist, which is also demonstrated by his performance during AnthuraNXT. Richard has been working at Anthura for 30 years and has held almost every Anthurium position after graduating from the HAS University of Applied Sciences. He is an out-and-out Anthurium connoisseur! In the coming months, Gert and Richard will introduce themselves to you again.

‘We are proud that Anthura has offered us this opportunity. In the chain we are witnessing increasing consolidation and upscaling. We see this in practice at our customers: a number of companies are becoming larger, more professional and more knowledge-intensive. Customers expect an Anthurium or Phalaenopsis specialist to be fully focused on one of our product groups and markets to jointly meet the needs of consumers. This requires specialised management, the expansion of our relationships with customers, and cooperation and knowledge exchange at multiple levels. With all our stakeholders we will discuss how to further shape the specialization in Anthurium or Phalaenopsis in the different global markets.’

Gert Hoogendoorn

Richard Smit

'There are great challenges ahead of us. One of these is how we can optimally gear our extensive range of products in all pot sizes and segments to the needs of our customers (and the customer's customer) and, together, make the world a more blooming place! In any case, we are very much looking forward to it. In the next editions of Anthurinfo, Gert and I will introduce ourselves in greater detail, but before that we hope to meet you at the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair!'