is of royal stature

A flower with the name Farao® might suggest that it can no longer keep up with the characteristics of modern times. Nothing could be further from the truth: Farao is rightfully an innovative variety. Its ‘old’ rose colour, from which this flower takes its name, is a new addition to the colour palette of Anthurium cut flowers. This new colour in the assortment, together with its high production and excellent shelf life, make Farao a truly unique flower! It’s hardly surprising that Farao (Pharoah) was the title used to designate kings and queens with a divine status. The colour of Farao fits in perfectly with both the cool and soft pastel shades that are currently recurring in all fashion and interior design trends. This makes this bestseller with an excellent shelf life easy to combine with all kinds of home furnishing styles. In cultivation, Farao is a high-yielding variety and its short internodes ensure that the necessary crop maintenance during cultivation is minimal. The average stem length of 60 cm is also quite handy. All in all, Farao is simply of royal stature!