Anthura Minneapolis

a true champion!

A constant focus on breeding Phalaenopsis is indispensable for the future of this product. Besides the development of new colours, patterns and shapes, it is also important to improve the current range and adapt it to today's requirements. Selection criteria in breeding Vigour is one of the selection criteria that is becoming increasingly important in the trend towards resistant cultivation and in the fight against pot worm. In some colour groups, the standard of existing varieties is already so high that major improvements are difficult to achieve. But we do like a challenge! Anthura Minneapolis succeeded in significantly improving the vigour of the pink colour group. We are proud to introduce Minneapolis to this colour group!

Anthura Minneapolis The large pink flowers with their striking contrasting red lip give Minneapolis an exclusive look and a distinctive character in the pink colour group. The plant grows vigorously and uniformly, resulting in a high percentage of plants with two spikes. The large flowers of over 9 cm are beautifully arranged on long spikes and have an average shelf life of over 17 weeks! The consumer therefore gets real value for money, especially compared to a bunch of flowers.

Minneapolis is an all-rounder, in terms of both sales and usability. The plant is suitable for both growers, that focus on retail and the higher segment, and florists. A longer cultivation period also results in longer spikes with more flowers. Because of the long spikes and a plant height of 65 cm, this Phalaenopsis is also suitable for arches. With the above mentioned qualities, Minneapolis will undoubtedly carve out a niche in the pink colour group. If you are a grower that would like to receive Minneapolis at your company, please ask your account manager about availability. What a champion!