The pot plant show greenhouse is open again!

The first phase of the renovation of the new head office has now been completed. Due to these renovations, the pot plant show greenhouse was closed for a few months. During this time, a new exterior façade was installed, the pipes were relocated and the entrance door adjusted for better connection to the new office. Inside the show greenhouse, the tables have been slightly elevated and provided with attractive table edges for better signage and information.

Physical and digital visits are possible again! From the beginning of May, the show greenhouse has been gradually filled with new varieties from the breeding programme every week. By early June, before the Flower Trials, the show greenhouse was fully filled and you are welcome back to this old familiar spot. Of course this applies to all links in the chain, from growers to traders, to retailers, to the end customers. By means of a mobile photo booth, we will also take the digital show greenhouse visits to a higher level. Show greenhouse The show greenhouse is an important place to make choices about the varieties a grower is interested in and to discuss the characteristics that are most important for the customer. And also what is and/or will become important to the customer's customer! This is important for all links in the chain. We would like to know what is needed in the wider chain; for example, storage, transport, consumer demands and the issues or challenges they are facing. Ideally, we would like to discuss these matters not only with growers but also with the end customers. At the end of the day, we can amass more information together than alone. 

Chain integration Transparency is needed for an optimally profitable chain and optimal chain integration can only take place if chain partners cooperate. We gain more knowledge and understanding through backward chain integration of our products, precisely through input from the links further down the chain. Conversely, the market gains more insight through information from the links at the beginning of the chain. This results in a win-win situation with more commitment from all parties. Visits Make an appointment with your account manager or product manager and let yourself be surprised and inspired again by the latest varieties!