Shines like a superstar

A pleasure for the eye. That's Minnesota®, which is named after the North Star State of America. The state that is cited time after time as having the highest quality of life. This high quality is also reflected in the Minnesota variety. Its vase life is excellent and the powerful red of the flowers remains for a long time. The shine of the beautiful, large, red flowers immediately attracts attention and is therefore the main feature of this novelty. Minnesota can be grown in the larger pot sizes: 14 cm and up. The plant structure of this superstar is beautiful, with its abundant leaves above which the flowers emerge neatly. In addition to its good shelf life, this pot Anthurium can withstand a period of colder transport. It has a tested well for cold tolerance to 7°C, i.e. the leaves and flowers remain beautiful after exposure to the cold for a period of up to 48 hours. Minnesota is a great alternative to varieties such as Dakota®, Oregon®, Alabama® and Madural®. This star has a bright future ahead!