Are you coming to visit our show greenhouse soon?

During the initial week of the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair from 4-6 November, we would like to welcome you!

We look forward to welcoming you during the first week of the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair from 4 to 6 November! But you are of course also welcome in other weeks. Our show greenhouse is open for visitors and you are welcome to take a look and judge the new additions and our assortment of Phalaenopsis and Anthurium. But there's more. You’ll be amazed by the varieties of the future from our breeding programmes. Which colours, plant properties and pot sizes would make a great addition to complete your assortment? Are you interested in a visit? Contact our product managers or your own account manager to let us know.

Small, the next big thing The show greenhouse has been completely updated, paying special attention to the small pot sizes. In addition to the varieties and novelties in the show greenhouse, there will also be an inspirational display window featuring the 6 and 7 cm Phalaenopsis and 7 cm Anthurium pot plants. We have high expectations for this segment, especially because the small pot sizes are extremely on-trend at the moment and will continue to play an important role in the future Anthura has been breeding in this segment for years and the diversity of varieties is growing, making the assortment in this pot size increasingly comprehensive. We will be happy to show you the most recent results. ‘Small, the next big thing' is instantly clear when you visit us.

Virtual visit Not everyone has the chance to visit our show greenhouse in person and in the current situation these visits are not always possible. But we’ve found a solution: the show greenhouse is coming to you! We offer you the opportunity to visit the show greenhouse online live. You walk 'together' with your account manager through the show greenhouse to see the latest varieties and novelties.

Phalaenopsis segments All the Phalaenopsis segments are recorded separately on video, so you can view the ones that are important to you on a visit with the sales team or cultivation staff, for example. A big advantage is that several people from one company can watch. This then results in a list of varieties to be discussed, during which the account manager can zoom in on the technical details with the customer via a video call or on a visit. Are you interested in visiting the show greenhouse? Contact your account manager to schedule an appointment. Your one-to-one visit will be tailored to your personal wishes.

Show greenhouse temporarily unavailable until early 2021 Due to the renovation work at the Anthuriumweg offices in Bleiswijk, the show greenhouse will be accessible for the last time on Monday 14 December. By early March 2021 we hope to be open once again!