Special because of its copper-brown colour and richly flowering umbel

In recent years there has been strong growth in the compact segment of Phalaenopsis pot plants with a plant height of 45-55 cm in the 12 cm pot size. Previously, this segment was also called the 'intermediate segment' (between small-flowered and standard) or even the 'forgotten segment'. Growers struggled to give these varieties a prominent place in their assortment, in which there were no compact plants. Thanks to the increasing segmentation by Phalaenopsis growers, this has now changed. The specialist trade also needs to be able to set themselves apart from the retail sector, which has led to increasing demand in this segment. There are now several growers who produce and sell in the compact segment, with great success!

The compact segment features special colour shades (below from left to right Anthura Las Vegas, Anthura Piacenza, Anthura Treviso and Anthura Imola), not all of which are available in the standard segment. These special colours and the different height compared to the standard segment ensure that the specialist trade can distinguish itself from the retail trade. An additional advantage is that due to the compact height there is a saving on transport costs, because they fit into four layers of a Danish container, and online shipments are also easier.

This year there will be a special new appearance in the compact segment: Anthura Monaco. This pot plant has a unique copper-brown colour and a richly filled umbel due to the many side branches this variety makes. This creates a very natural looking plant which dovetails perfectly with current botanical trends. The Monaco variety has a height of 45 cm, a flower diameter of 7.5 cm and can be grown in both 9 cm and 12 cm pots. In 9 cm pots, however, sufficient growing time should be allowed for a high percentage of double branches. If you are interested in the Monaco variety, please contact your account manager.