Impressively large with a beautiful colour combination

Choosing a name for this unique new variety from the Anthura breeders was easy: Jumbo® is self-explanatory. Not only are extremely large flowers a typical feature (more than 20 cm), but also the combination of purple with a green bract is unique. The flower has the WOW factor and this has already been proven by all the overwhelming reactions noted in the test phase. Due to the size of the flower, production is lower than the average Anthurium cut flower, but for an obake variety production is good. At Anthura's test location, production is approximately 80 to 85 blooms per square metre. The shelf life of Jumbo is excellent; more than four weeks. This makes the flower very suitable for all kinds of decorative applications as well as use in bouquets. The production of long stems up to a length of 70 cm is also possible. In short, a unique addition to the Anthurium cut flower range.