Successful customer event at Kunming Anthura

In China, Anthura is also the expert in Phalaenopsis

The whole world is suffering from COVID-19, but in China, everything is back to normal and the economy is starting to turn again. It is also possible to hold meetings and events there. After a relatively short lockdown, everything is back on track at Kunming Anthura. After months of digital contacts with our customers, it was time to see and speak to them in person again. This was especially important because we wanted to convey a key message to the Chinese market: Anthura is not only the expert in Anthurium, but also in Phalaenopsis! On Thursday August 27th, Kunming Anthura's customer event was held for the second time. The main theme of the event, which was attended by no fewer than 200 Phalaenopsis and Anthurium clients, was Anthura’s expertise in Phalaenopsis. The morning programme, which took place in the Kunming Expo Garden hotel, was a combination of live presentations from the Netherlands, videos and live speakers moderated by Sander Smeding, the Managing Director of Kunming Anthura. After a brief welcome address, Robert Kuijf, the Product Manager for Orchids at Anthura in the Netherlands, explained why we are not only the experts in Anthuriums but also in Phalaenopsis. In addition to an explanation of the current market, he talked about some important topics such as small pot sizes, concepts, novelties and the 'Manta More' concept.

The second half of the morning focused on some of the other activities that Kunming Anthura develops to support its customers’ businesses. A good example is the launch of an endorsement website. Anthura hereby declares that the plants that our Chinese growers deliver actually come from Anthura. There is a link between two 'brands': our company name and the plants of our growers. One of the guest speakers was from a Chinese company that specializes in packaging for online sales of fruit and vegetables and wants to focus on the packaging of flowering plants. Given the high level of interaction with the public during the event, these turned out to be invaluable topics. After lunch and transport to the company in Kunming, the afternoon session involved a supplier market and a visit to the show greenhouse where a whole range of new varieties were shown to the attendees. The day ended with a dinner and can be considered to be very successful.