Anthura maps its own environmental footprint

The first steps on the road to improving sustainability are made

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in society, in both personal and business life. In a sustainable world humans, the environment and the economy are balanced to ensure we do not exhaust the earth’s resources. Sustainability at Anthura Anthura's sustainability goals are part of the company’s key objectives and are regarded as a priority by the organization. We strive for continuous improvements in our production processes. With the aim of reducing our environmental impact, the emphasis is on the development of varieties that can be produced with less energy, water and crop protection products as a result of built-in resistances and improved product properties. These objectives are important pillars of our corporate social responsibility policy.

Ecochain To provide us with specific insight into whether and what progress is being made in terms of our environmental impact, measurements need to be carried out. With the help of Ecochain ( Anthura has calculated the carbon footprint of Anthurium starting material. This footprint has been calculated for the Anthurium starting material product group. Establishing and clarifying this footprint was the first step for us to be able to continue reducing it efficiently. As a result of COVID-19, measurements at Anthura Arndt, the Phalaenopsis starting material production site, have not yet taken place. This will be carried out over the course of this year, so that both major product groups will be mapped out. Zero measurement The zero measurement took place in the spring of 2020 at the Anthurium starting material production site of Cyclamenweg in Bleiswijk. All the consumption information relating to the production process of Anthurium starting material was logged and categorized to calculate the carbon footprint. Dividing the consumption data into categories makes the impact on the carbon footprint per category clear, and repeating the measurements ensures progress is clear and specific. Based on this insight, we can then focus on the categories that have the greatest impact. Objective Anthura has set itself the goal of identifying and executing annual projects based on evaluations of our carbon footprint. This means that the footprint calculation must also be carried out annually. The target for 2020 has been met, because in April we were connected to a geothermal heat network, substantially reducing CO₂ emissions and saving natural gas. In the autumn, 3,500 solar panels were installed at our Cyclamenweg site and a further 1,600 at our research centre at Anthuriumweg. Together they produce 1.7 million kWh, which is equivalent to the annual energy supply for about 500 households. All in all, these are outstanding first steps on the road to improving sustainability.