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Biodiversity around Anthura

A part of sustainability is biodiversity. This does not always have to be done on a large scale: small-scale actions are also possible. "Without biodiversity, human life on earth is not possible", claims Nic van der Knaap, the founder of Anthura. If you want to keep what's there, you need to know what's there. For this reason, we record biodiversity, take various measures to increase it, and strive to conserve and promote it.

Biodiversity refers to the diversity of life forms: it includes all types of plants, animals and micro-organisms as well as a given ecosystem, biome or an entire planet. Biodiversity is often used as an indicator of the health of an ecosystem. It is not only indispensable, but also beautiful and interesting. Our biodiversity In 2015, Anthura started to take stock of the biodiversity around the company by photographing it. Since then, measures have been taken which have increased biodiversity. Below you will find an image of the biodiversity around Anthura. For more information, please visit