#Anthura news

Anthura Arndt is MPS-GAP certified! MPS-GAP is an access certificate to be able to deliver to international retailers. Anthura Arndt received the certificate a few weeks ago, which is valid since 23 September. With this certificate, Anthura Arndt meets requirements in areas such as traceability, the environment, crop protection products and recall procedures. MPS-GAP is benchmarked with GLOBALG.A.P. and meets the conditions of FSI. The certification is established by an audit. This audit performed at Anthura Arndt for MPS-GAP V11 was subsequently assessed and found to be approved.

Update photo gallery website Anthura We often receive requests from home and abroad for atmospheric and inspiration photos of our Anthurium and Phalaenopsis. In addition to the inspiration articles, there has also been a photo gallery for some time. This has recently been expanded with many atmospheric photos. You can download the photos and use them as a customer or relation in your own communication. You can search not only by product group, but also by variety name and colour. If you want to go directly to the gallery, click hier.

Presentation Anthura

Our presentation in fron of the show greenhouse has a new theme and is completely new. If you visit the show greenhouse, you will be inspired at 'Small, the next big thing'.