Anthura finalist King Willem 1 Award SMEs

Anthura is one of the three finalists for the Koning Willem 1 Award SMEs (King William I Award SME, named after King Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands). We are very proud of this! A total of twelve companies from all regions of the Netherlands are eligible for this award. The Koning Willem I Award is the ultimate reward for good entrepreneurship. This prestigious and independent enterprise award is awarded every two years by the Koning Willem I Foundation. All 12 companies pitched to the jury in September. Decisive to get to the last three is performance based on guts, decisiveness, sustainability, perseverance and good entrepreneurship. Innovation and the way they deal with COVID-19 are also included in this. The advisory committee of the Koning Willem 1 Foundation nominates the three nominees fro the SME category to the board. The ultimate winner is selected in the board meeting.

The jury about Anthura Anthura: biodiversity and innovation “Thanks to its genetic knowledge, Anthura has positioned itself as an example for the Dutch horticultural sector. The family business is able to significantly increase biodiversity in the sector, partly by entering into partnerships in the field of breeding. Providing knowledge and innovation is central to Anthura. ” Award ceremony During the award ceremony on 25 November, the ultimate winner of the SME Award will be announce during a special meeting. Her majesty Queen Máxima is honorary chairman of the Koning Willem I Foundation.