Anthura Warsaw

Ornamental value of a 15 cm pot in a 12 cm pot

Due to the constant progress made in the breeding and cultivation of Phalaenopsis, the number of flowers per plant and flower size is increasing. With its flower diameter of over 10 cm and a compact leaf position, the large-flowered striped Anthura Warsaw has the ornamental value of a 15 cm pot in a 12 cm pot! Sufficiently warm cultivation is a prerequisite. With a, for this flower size, compact plant height of 65 cm and pot size 12 cm, the load capacity in transport is also greatly improved compared to the 15 cm pot. In view of the ever increasing final destinations of Phalaenopsis, this is a big plus. An often undervalued characteristic is the shelf life of Phalaenopsis. In the case of Warsaw, this is absolutely good with an average of 15 weeks, which is a very important selling point. Despite the increased price pressure in the European market, consumers still have money to spend on a high-quality product, but they want to enjoy it for a long time. This also offers new business opportunities, because what other floral product offers such an exclusive look along with such a long shelf life?

With the above-mentioned properties, Warsaw will undoubtedly claim its own place in the top segment of large-flowered white orchids. If you are a grower who would like to receive Warsaw at your company, ask your account manager about the availability and let yourself be convinced!