Impressions of the study trip to America and Canada

In August 2019, Kasper Rietvelt and a number of Brazilian pot Anthurium customers made a study trip to America and Canada. The aim of the trip was to give Brazilian growers a better picture of the market and cultivation in North America, as well as to share experiences. In 2018, North American growers visited Brazil and now it was the turn of the Brazilians. This is an impression of the successful trip.

The growers learned a lot from each other. During the visits, many discussions took place on how to solve difficult technical issues in both continents and how this can be improved. Brazilian growers also saw with their own eyes how the trade works when there are absolutely no auctions, which is still common practice in Brazil. Due to the differences in climate, infrastructure, economy, legislation and marketing channels, the growers had some interesting discussions. The growers returned to Brazil with new insights and the American and Canadian customers also managed to broaden their horizons.