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What do Grand Slam®, Manta® More and Livium® have in common?

What do Grand Slam®, Manta® More and Livium® have in common? Not so much at first glance. As a cut flower, the first is 'the new standard in green', while the pot Anthurium Livium, as 'Anthurium Art', is known for its unique vein structure. Finally, Manta More, as a series of Phalaenopsis varieties with a characteristically large flat lip, is rightly classified as 'Next Generation Orchids'. They do have one thing in common: all are specifically positioned and marketed with marketing support from Anthura. In this way, we not only contribute to market differentiation through genetics, but also by marketing products in a distinctive way.

In conjunction with our customers, we look at what objectives have to be achieved in each project, how we can achieve them and within what timeframe, and what kind of support we can offer at both strategic and operational levels. Last year we contributed to a wide range of projects.

Manta More Manta More is a unique collaboration between Levoplant, Stolk Flora (Your Natural Orchid) and Ter Laak Orchids. A toolkit has been developed to ensure a consistent appearance in packaging forms, along with a website and social media channels. The reactions to the sneak preview at past fairs were downright positive. Soon, these growers will be starting the targeted introduction of Manta More. The goal? Sustainable and distinctive! more to come...!

Grand Slam From November to February, the main buyers of Grand Slam could win a tennis clinic with Martin Verkerk, the former Roland Garros finalist with several Grand Slam appearances. Moreover, every month a Winner of the Month was announced, who received two tickets for the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament 2020 in Rotterdam. This campaign is part of the launch strategy of the Anthurium Grand Slam cut flower. This refreshing Anthurium is grown by Anthogether and Wijnen, both members of the Xanthu cooperative.

Livium Livium is a real work of art! That’s why florists are being challenged to let their imagination run wild and make the most beautiful creations with Livium. The most attractive photos are rewarded with artistic prizes including a workshop by a famous stylist. We support the retail chain in collaboration with Stolk Brothers. #Anthurium Art

Are you interested in the support options for your Anthura varieties? Please contact our product managers Robert Kuijf (Orchids) and Stefan de Hoog (Anthurium).