Joli Pulse

makes your heart beat faster

The outer appearance of the new Joli® Pulse delights many people. The colour scheme of Joli Pulse changes the longer it flowers and grows. The young, newly developed flowers are white and, as the flowers mature, the colour changes to pink and eventually to a fresh green. There is life in this new variety that gives further colour to the Joli series. The clearly visible vein on the bract gives the breed its name 'Pulse'. The flower is shaped like a heart. All these properties make buyers’ hearts beat faster!

Joli Pulse has some excellent properties. The tested shelf life is excellent and the variety can also tolerate a longer period of cold in the chain. Because this plant can be grown in all pot sizes, we call it an all-rounder. Even a series with several Joli colours in a mixed tray is possible. The compact shape of the plant, together with a bouquet of flowers rising above the leaves, enhances every room where Joli Pulse stands.

Joli Pulse is a fairly easy variety to grow; it does not have too many peculiarities. In warmer areas, the colour contrast may be slightly reduced, but the variation in the three colours remains the same. Sometimes the flower stems can stretch a bit more, but by keeping a close eye on light and temperature this can be kept under control. In the larger pot sizes in particular, it is important that the plants are spaced out in time. The large number of thick leaves, which is a characteristic of Joli, means that they may need a little more space.