The new standard in Phalaenopis

CupGrade is the new standard in the production of Phalaenopsis worldwide. From now on, Anthura will supply tissue culture plants in CupGrade: plants will be taken out, cleaned of agar, graded and packed under sterile conditions. A CupGrade container contains many more plants. CupGrade offers a host of benefits: it is more sustainable in several ways. Other benefits are listed below: • As plants are already graded and cleaned of agar, planting can start straight away, thus reducing labour costs by up to 50%; • A CupGrade container contains many more plants. During transport the load factor will at least be doubled; • Plants can be stored for at least two weeks in temperature-controlled storage; • The plants are agar-free, which means a cleaner and more hygienic environment; • Reduced packing material waste.

15 plants (left)

60 - 90 plants (right)

Storage CupGrade plants can be stored for at least two weeks in temperature-controlled storage thanks to their sterile processing. This offers maximum flexibility when it comes to planning labour and space requirements. The optimal conditions are a temperature of 19-20°C, relative humidity of 60-70%, and storage in the dark. Planning After an intensive testing period, Anthura will deliver the first CupGrade batches during the first quarter of 2020. Throughout the year, CupGrade will be available for all our customers provided there are no restrictions imposed on the country of origin. Sustainability As a CupGrade container offers much greater plant capacity, many more plants can be loaded on trucks. As the load factor is higher, this means lower transport volumes, as a result of which the CO₂ emission per plant will be lower. Also, with lower transport volumes, less plastic will be used in production processes, and the plastic that we do use is clean and recyclable. CupGrade is a much more sustainable solution..

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> Less labour

> Less transport

> Less waste