Wayland Energy connects Anthura to the geothermal network

In the horticultural area around Bergschenhoek, Wayland Energy, a producer of sustainable energy, connected us to its geothermal heat source in April. A total of six new greenhouse horticulture companies on Anthuriumweg and Warmoeziersweg are now making use of this network. Future-proof and sustainable investment The reason for connecting us is clear: in addition to striving for continuous quality improvements in our flowers and plants, we also focus on making production processes more sustainable. I is important for us to make this move. This is a future-proof and sustainable investment. Total of sixteen growers connected The drilling for the geothermal project started in mid-2017 and the first grower was connected later that year. A total of sixteen growers in this glasshouse area are now being heated sustainably. The geothermal heat source supplies 20 MWth, which reduces CO₂ emissions by 22,000 kilotons and saves 12 million cubic metres of natural gas.