AnthuraNXT goes digital

It was so much fun! Our 'AnthuraNXT goes digital' event on Thursday 11 June was highly successful, with 84 participants. As the annual event for our Dutch customers could not take place because of the coronavirus, we decided to organize a webinar. This involved an interesting and entertaining online program lasting one-and-a-half hours. After a brief glimpse into the situation of some of our international Orchid and Anthurium growers during the coronavirus crisis, including Paul van Adrichem (Canada), Frans van de Weijer (Brazil), Sander Smeding (China) and Geert van Geest (South Africa), Geert van Geest presented his initiative ‘Together We Bloom. This is a non-profit organization, founded after the corona outbreak in South Africa, aimed at providing food and education with the purpose to improve the health of South Africans. Focused on the long term, this charity is an initiative of the horticultural sector, an initiative that Anthura will also support. To get an impression, you can watch the video here.

After that Marco van Herk explained a product innovation. An amusing motivational speech about change was the final ingredient of this successful first webinar. Afterwards we raised a glass to the future with all the participants using the beer package that had been offered to them in the morning.