Anthura Altea

Peace and beauty

A new beauty named after a picturesque white village in Spain: Altea. The white flowers, with a subtle pink blush around the white lip, contrast delicately with the dark colour of the flower branches and give this plant a serene beauty. We are all living in a world in which new developments follow each other in rapid succession and the future is difficult to predict. In this new society, we must try to keep calm. It is well-known that flowers and plants have a calming and soothing effect on people. Orchids are an important part of this. This is also the case with the new variety Anthura Altea, which exudes peace with its virginal white flowers. Altea can best be described as productive, versatile and timeless. Productive thanks to a high percentage of plants with multiple spikes during a normal growing period, a flower diameter of 9.5 cm and an average of 10-12 flowers on the spike. This turns this plant into a big mass of flowers.

Altea also offers a wide range of options: the variety is suitable for the retail segment, because with a shorter cultivation time Altea still produces sufficient flowers because of its spikes. In addition, this variety is also interesting for the wholesale and florist segment because a longer growing period is rewarded with extra flower buds, side branches and three spikes. The classic look of the plant makes it timeless. This beauty is a must have in the basic product range of any Phalaenopsis grower. If you do not have Altea in your test beds yet, ask your account manager about the possibilities of testing this variety on your own nursery and let yourself be convinced!