The Italian star among cut Anthurium

There are some varieties whose name evokes a colour association and it is immediately clear how the flower can be used in a bouquet. OliviusĀ® is an example of this type of flower. This new Anthurium cut flower, named after its olive-green colour, certainly captures the imagination of creative people because of its unique, distinctive colour. This colour fits in well with the current natural trend of cut flowers and is expected to remain popular in the coming years.

In cultivation, Olivius is a technically good variety. The internodes are average and the leaf quality is very good. Tests show that more than 100 stems per square metre can be cut if young leaf breaking is applied during cultivation. Another advantage is its long stem length, which makes it possible to produce long-stemmed flowers. This offers considerably more scope than shorter-stemmed blooms.

The feedback from florists has been outstanding. The special colour adapts to arrangements and bouquets like a chameleon and results in a remarkably stylish presentation.

Olivius is the Italian star...