A focused overview of the future

On Friday 24 May, our customers and trading partners were guests at AnthuraNXT. NXT stands for looking forward and progress, the next step. A guided tour of our new Research Centre was followed by an interactive afternoon hosted by Linda Kester.

The guests were given a unique, one-only tour of the brand new research centre, where a combination of research and breeding takes place and a new plant pathogen lab has been set up. This meets the need to take the next step in the molecular field and in resistance breeding, among other areas. A comprehensive article about the new research centre can also be found in this edition of Anthurinfo.

The tour was followed by a plenary meeting which addressed the topics of last year's discussions: sustainability and sales. Linda Kester, a scientific expert in strategic portfolio management and partner at JigsEye, focused on creating overview and focus. It's necessary to decide what you do and don't do, and what choices you make. This requires data. Five panel members explained how they focus, collect data and make choices. There were several statements on which everyone could give their opinion by means of an app. This led to an interactive afternoon with some interesting discussions.

Of course, there was also the chance to visit the showroom, where varieties such as Anthura Volterra, Anthura Warsaw, Anthura Durban, Joli Pulse, Oregon and Spirit were presented.