Anthura Oxford

A newcomer in the upper segment

This new variety soon earned the nicknames of "Cambridge improved" and "Cambridge XL" in our showroom in Bleiswijk. A great honour, since the Cambridge variety is now legendary in the white upper segment thanks to its beautiful vines of closed white flowers. The plant structure of Anthura Oxford is more upright, the two-spike percentage is higher, the flower is thicker and 0.5 cm larger than that of Cambridge. The plant height has also increased slightly up to 70 cm. The white flowers, about 11-12 cm in diameter, are, just like Cambridge, beautifully arranged on the branches and therefore very suitable for making cascades. A sufficiently long warm growing period is a requirement for this variety, but pays off in evident quality.

An often underestimated (or undervalued) characteristic is the shelf life of Phalaenopsis. This is absolutely unsurpassed with Oxford, with an average of 20 weeks (tested 18 times)! This is a very important USP in this segment. Despite the increased price pressure in the European market, consumers still have money to spend on a high-quality product, but they want to enjoy it for a long time. This also offers new business opportunities, because what other floral product offers such an exclusive look as well as such a long shelf life?

With the above-mentioned properties, Oxford will undoubtedly claim its own place in the top segment of large-flowered white orchids. Older varieties like Cambridge and Tainan can then take it a bit easier.

If you have not yet received Oxford at the nursery, ask your account manager about availability and let yourself be convinced!