Winner of the Plantum Sustainability Award 2018

Anthura is committed to biodiversity in Switzerland

Cypripedium calceolus grows naturally in Switzerland. It is one of the most spectacular wild orchids in Europe. Unfortunately this has a downside: it makes the plant very popular in the illegal trade, despite the severe penalties involved.


Cypripedium is also known as lady’s slipper and is related to the tropical Venus’ shoe, usually found as a houseplant. In Switzerland, the lady’s slipper can be found not only in forests but also in mountain pastures. Unlike their tropical relatives, lady’s slippers can withstand extreme cold and actually need it in their annual growth cycle.

Joint action with The Swiss Orchid Foundation

The Swiss Orchid Foundation has worked with hobbyists in previous projects to introduce young plants into the wild. Because these types of plants are very vulnerable in their first stage of life and specialist knowledge is required, they usually failed to survive. Anthura is the expert in the field of orchid breeding and propagation and has in-house specialist knowledge on the cultivation of Cypripedium seedlings. Anthura has been marketing Cypripediums for many years under the brand name Garden Orchid, with the aim of allowing consumers to enjoy this special hardy orchid in their own gardens. Therefore, the Swiss Orchid Foundation has sought the help of Anthura in growing plants from seed of wild Cypripediums and 3000 mature plants have grown out of it.

Positive contribution to biodiversity

At the end of June, a team of volunteers from Anthura, in collaboration with the Swiss Orchid Foundation, planted these 3000 Cypripediums back into Swiss nature at 44 different locations in Switzerland. Anthura's team of volunteers has helped to plant the Cypripediums in secret locations in Chasseral Regional Park and Gantric Nature Park. By clicking on the link below you will get an impression of this special event. By replanting the Cypripedium, Anthura hopes to contribute positively to the conservation of biodiversity.

Plantum Sustainability Award 2018

With the reintroduction of Cypripedium in the Swiss countryside, Anthura has won the Plantum Sustainability Award 2018. All employees are proud that they have won this prize. It is also a beautiful crown on Anthura's 80th anniversary this year.