The DNA unraveling of Phalaenopsis
and Anthurium!

"We are very proud to have reached a milestone by sequencing, analyzing and mapping the genome of both Anthurium and Phalaenopsis." With these words, Mark van der Knaap opened the first round of talks on Anthura Open Doors Day 2018. During the course of the day, the 80-year history of the family business was discussed and several experts looked 20 years into the future.

By unravelling the DNA, Anthura will be able to breed varieties for its customers in a much faster, better targeted and more sustainable way. "We are constantly striving to imitate and recreate nature as precisely as possible in a lab environment," claimed Ernst van den Ende, the Managing Director of Wageningen University & Research, about the breakthrough that has been achieved together with partner KeyGene.

Would you like to see the entire conversation about the unravelling of DNA again? Watch the first episode of Anthura TV below.